No Gun? No Experience? No Problem!

We Provide all the equipment you will need.


Want to shoot but don’t know where to start, or which gun to choose? STOP….We can help you avoid a lot of frustration. Save you time and money with the right instruction from the start. We offer the compete, What, Where, When, Why and How on Trap Shooting.


Ever found your hit rate going backwards? A little knowledge can confuse the best of us! Many intermediate shooters hit a wall when they try to advance their skill. We walk you through this minefield in a step by step process tailored to suit you, taking you forward to the next level of success


Does the mind committee go to work in your head and stop you from reaching your goals? From time to time everyone needs to review & get back to some basics as well as focusing on key skills. We can help you identify weak points, bad habits and then focus on overcoming and improving.

Trap Shooting for Beginners.



We are based at; Langley Rod & Gun Club, 3854  208 St  Langley, B.C. V3A 4X7. Tel:- 604 764 9234



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