December News And Free Giveaways

Corporate Shoot. has been kept busy this fall with several large group bookings. The largest being, ThyssenKrupp Canada Ltd, who turned out with 36 of its staff for their first ever team building event.IMG_2908

imageWe witnessed some impressive shooting by many first time shots along with some quite unorthodox shooting styles. I think one will always be known as the “Giovanni Stance” a style that many tried to impersonate due to Giovanni’s high hit rate. Needless to say,

IMG_2913 Giovanni collected first prize for the highest score on the day, His team won first place for the team event which comprised of a score combined from the shooting competition and a Quiz. We really enjoyed being host to the ThyssenKrupp team and are honoured that we were chosen for their first team building event.


Their President and CEO Joseph Kerr commented on their experience “Click To read”

Stag Day.

Stag 2

In addition to many private lessons and group days, we have enjoyed hosting several Stag events. The most recent was held for Jesse Carlson who just married and is probably on his Honeymoon as we write. Jesse shot like a natural, despite being dressed in a frock on a fairly cold day!

Everyone had fun and there were some interesting pictures taken! Stag 1

Gift Certificates and Giveaway’s

As we enter the festive season we are promoting Gift Certificates ranging from $58.00 for one all inclusive session to $298.00 for six sessions “see the Home Page for more info” and for the month of December we are giving away some handmade Leather Toe Pads and handmade Magnetic Barrel Rests. photo 1To enter our giveaway you have to do two things,  1. Subscribe to our newsletter this can be done either from our website or, click the “join my list” button on our Facebook page.         2. Like & share our F/B Page post, this can be found by clicking the F/B icon on the lower R/H corner of your screen.

We will also be giving away an Arrow Lasershot Training system worth $191.50 The first 35 people to book any type lesson with us from the 5th of Dec 2013 will be entered into the draw for this awesome giveaway! [Draw dates to be announced]


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