Facebook Winner Gavin Has A Blast!

Gavin and Veronica + Ducks Unlimited come out to shoot some clay’s

This weekend saw our Facebook competition winner Gavin come out to the range for some fun. DSCF8277Gavin had graciously given his prize to his lovely wife Veronica, but not before he had secured a booking for himself : -) It wasn’t long before clay’s were exploding in the sky, followed with broad smiles. Veronica soon got to grips with the semi-auto 20g and Gavin shot well with a selection of 12g shotguns. I have a feeling we may see this couple again!


Ducks Unlimited Events

Also at the range this weekend were Darren and Bob from Ducks Unlimited. Darren had purchased his shooting session whilst at a recent Ducks Unlimited fundraising dinner. Bob who is on the committee of the local branch of Ducks Unlimited decided to tag along and join in. Both Darren and Bob smashed some clay’s and after quite a few rounds arms started to ache a little. The Ducks Unlimited organisation is committed to conserving Canada’s wetland areas. The organisation is highly active in  Habitat Retention programs and Wetland Restoration to name but a few things. The organisation is a truly worthwhile cause and If you would like to  support them or just learn more about what they do, then pay them a visit and check out one of the local events near you.  [click image]

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